The podcast awakens to bring you a review of Ikebana. We interview the creator Yumi Sakugawa and hope she’ll send us her drawings from middle school. You can find herĀ  homepage but we also suggest following her on Facebook as she is constantly putting out new content.

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Rock beats scissors, Buck Stone beats rocks, can Dr Buck Stone be scissored into submission?

Victor DeTroy & Kevin Bieber are suffocating in accolades for the low brow, high octane comedy comic Man vs Rock and we wanted to be there to ride their coattails! Featuring the black & white and gritty all over art of Jared Lamp you can sample and even pirate their work for a small fee at http://manvsrock.com

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Episode 5

Dominic del Castillo of http://www.nerdwaffles.com/ comes to speak about his first retail book, Thug Life.

To learn more about the life of a thug, check your local internet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn2QNSJJm4M

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Our apologies for the poor sound. We have ordered new equipment.